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Team Coaching

Is your leadership team working synergistically and operating at its highest level?

Has your team or its leadership recently undergone transition?

Team Coaching strengthens performance by leveraging team skills and improving upon team weaknesses. The process is designed to raise team performance, strengthen relationships, and ultimately, help the team perform at its highest potential.

Using our 5-step process, Team Coaching can enable you and your team to:

  • Operate at the highest level
  • Enhance creativity and the capacity to problem solve
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness
  • Enhance commitment to a common purpose/mission
  • Learn to work together as a cohesive team

Team Building

Do you have a newly formed team whose members are not familiar with each other?

Do team members engage in turf protection rather than collaboration?

Does your long-standing team need energizing and revitalization?

Team Building is a high-energy, interactive process that brings team members together to learn more about each other, explore ways to become more effective as a team, and have fun. This process energizes team members and typically results in greater levels of trust and cohesiveness. The process also helps team members understand and better leverage strengths and identify ways to address areas for improvement.

Our 5-step process in Team Building can enable you and your team members to:

  • Develop and strengthen relationships
  • Surface, discuss and resolve issues
  • Enhance mutual understanding and trust
  • Learn about your differences and how to leverage them
  • Become energized and revitalized
  • Explore ways to work more effectively together
  • Develop norms for communication, decision-making and mutually respectful behavior
  • Develop clarity about roles, responsibilities and priorities


I partner with my clients to help them achieve their goals by designing board, team, strategic planning, etc. retreats tailored to their specific objectives, needs, and constraints. I help facilitate dialogue in which issues and concerns can be addressed and work jointly with my clients to determine the activities and interventions that will effectively serve to meet their desired outcomes.

I use a range of methods to collect data including:

  • written surveys
  • one-on-one interviews
  • focus groups
  • large group forums

I design tailored and customized questionnaires, and interview and focus group questions in conjunction with my clients.

I keep all the data that is collected anonymous (not attributed to any particular individual) and organize it according to whatever themes surface. I then share the data collected as a basis for discussion during the retreat.

In addition, I develop activities and interventions during the retreat designed to take the data into consideration to achieve the stated objectives.

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