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Deb was able to facilitate a retreat for us so that even those who do not like retreats or the topics discussed benefited from the experience. The process she co-created with us and the work that our team accomplished at the retreat was a catalyst for us to take off running on many of our issues. I am excited about the possibility of real change occurring inside the Law School.
Peter Alexander

Professor (former Dean) , Southern Illinois University School of Law

What is Team Transformation?

Team transformation involves working with teams to identify and surface any obstacles to team cohesion, synergy and high performance. We bring out the passion, energy, motivation and inspiration of all team members, strengthen their relationships and enable them to collaborate creatively across differences.

If this is you, consider Team Transformation

“I’m a manager responsible for a sales team. We are consistently under-performing although we have the highest individual performers in certain markets. I have tried numerous initiatives with no positive results. I need help.”

“I am in charge of a manufacturing division of a large company. I’m having difficulty getting two of my teams to work together. We will be more effective if we can leverage each team member’s skills, but I can’t get them to work together synergistically.”

“Last quarter we hired a new President who brought new staff with him. The former staff is having difficulties adjusting to the new policies, procedures, and personalities. We will not make it through this transition unless we have team cohesion.”

What Kinds of Teams Can Benefit and How?

  • Intact Work Teams: We create teambuilding and/or coaching activities to help a particular existing team work better and build stronger relationships.
  • Leadership Teams: We help leaders of various organizational departments work in alignment rather than at cross purposes, protecting their own turf.
  • Boards of Directors: We work with boards of directors of nonprofit organizations helping them enhance their effectiveness, work in alignment with their executive directors, gain clarity on roles and responsibilities, and enhance their engagement.
  • Teams Needing to Work With Each Each Other: We help multiple organizational teams better coordinate their work, overcome cross-team tensions, and examine and improve their work processes to achieve synergy and maximize effectiveness
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