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Books by Deborah Howard

Mystery of Memory: Telling My Truth: Standing My Ground by Deborah Howard
Mystery of Memory: Telling My Truth, Standing My Ground, is Deb’s story as an incest survivor and her struggle to find her voice and believe in herself despite having only wispy, murky memories of her abuse.

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Repairing the Quilt of Humanity: A Metaphor for Healing and Reparation by Deborah Howard
In her book, Deb uses the metaphor of a quilt and, drawing on her own cultural background, employs the Jewish concept of tikkun olam – healing and repairing the world – to present a provocatively insightful way to look at the impact of racism, and other forms of injustice, on individuals, groups and society. She weaves her own story of injustice into the larger pattern to illustrate how all of our stories create the quilt of humanity and the reparation and healing required for bringing about equity and justice.

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