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Working with Deborah Howard has been truly transformative. Thanks to her coaching and insight, I’m more focused, strategic, and productive in my ability to successfully lead, manage, and problem solve.

Jacklyn Monk

Executive Editor, Time Inc.

I had the great pleasure of working with Deborah as a life coach during a challenging transition in my life, and I found her to be immensely compassionate, wise and creative. Her prompts and exercises, and the way she could help me frame issues in innovative and generous ways, helped me find far greater clarity on the issue that drew me to her in the first place. Moreover, in working with her, I found ways to articulate with words and images my life focus, something I refer myself to regularly to ensure that the work I choose follows my deepest values. Deborah is kind, easy to work with, open to new approaches and full of good ideas about how to access our most authentic life work. I highly recommend her as a coach, facilitator and speaker.

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

Co-Owner, Brave Voice: Writing & Singing for Your Life

Deborah Howard became my coach at a pivotal point. I needed to reconnect with my purpose, find my voice, and make a plan to move forward. Deb was an ideal facilitator of this process. Her exquisite skills in listening and empathy made me feel heard and understood, and throughout our coaching engagement, she asked strategic questions and gently challenged long-held assumptions that had the potential to limit my growth. Together we faced down those assumptions, and my great epiphany was that I had more power than I thought I had. She’s the best of the best.

Leslie Granston

Executive, Financial Services Company

Deb Howard is an ultimate professional that we can all relate to. She understands the fine art of negotiation, interaction with others and the importance of effective communication. I have worked with Deb as part of an Executive Directors leadership circle and subsequently asked her to meet with my staff to help with their personal goal setting for the new year. Each and every time, I have come away with not only a new skill, tip but a practical approach to do business and enhance how I work with others, and most importantly how I value my own work.

Carine Jocelyn

Executive Director, Diaspora Community Services

I have been participating in a professional group that initially started as a workshop Deborah offered to Executive Directors through the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York. I believe that her expertise and guidance have been vital to my development as a leader. She has helped me to learn from the common themes that come to play in nonprofit organizations. Furthermore, she has facilitated tremendous personal growth and self-understanding that has enhanced my leadership capacity and will carry with me throughout my career.

Lisa Stein

Executive Director, Recycle a Bicycle

Deb Howard served as a coach and mentor for me for a year. She made a huge impact in my life! She helped me see events and experiences in my life in a different and more balanced way. She taught me what was in my control to change and what was not which guided me to a healthier outlook on life. She helped me realize the difference between positive and negative energy and how to employ the positive energy for a better outcome. I looked forward to the time I spent with Deb and continue to check in with her as my friend and mentor. I can highly recommend Deb to any individual who wants a great coach who will make a very big and positive impact on their lives!


Partner, Professional Services Firm

Team Transformation Testimonials

Deb was able to facilitate a retreat for us so that even those who do not like retreats or the topics discussed benefited from the experience. The process she co-created with us and the work that our team accomplished at the retreat was a catalyst for us to take off running on many of our issues. I am excited about the possibility of real change occurring inside the Law School.

Peter Alexander

Professor (former Dean) , Southern Illinois University School of Law

Deb‘s “push back” skills and delving into the “deeper issues” taught me to reflect on how I deal with my staff. She related to my nursing staff without any difficulties and made them feel comfortable talking about issues that had been bothering them for a long time. Her ability to create a non-threatening and positive environment made a lasting impression on my staff. Staff members said that the sessions with Deb made them feel closer as a team and taught them how to positively approach each other to give feedback on their performance. The sessions were definitely helpful for me to bring my staff together. And, Deb‘s follow-up reports were thorough.

Eunmee Shim

New York Presbyterian Medical Center

Deborah Howard is an astute guide and facilitator of the tricky territory of interpersonal communications. Her expertise and generosity deeply helped the staff at The Field learn new strategies to collaborate more effectively and to see each other as more nuanced, powerful and vulnerable people who share goals, challenges and desires.

Jennifer Wright Cook

Executive Director, The Field

Deborah Howard brought an important blend of intelligence and humanity to a somewhat contentious gathering of women. Her cool head and willingness to be creative and focused on the big picture were both extremely valuable qualities.

Abigail Disney

Daphne Foundation

Organizational Transformation Testimonials

I lead an organization going through a huge change in its organizational culture. Deborah designed and led two retreats for our staff and one for our Board. Her work has been transformative for the organization and critical for our progress.

Felix Torres-Colon

Executive Director, New Kensington Commuity Development Center

Deborah worked with our organization consistently for several years. She quickly developed a strong understanding of our organizational culture and needs and provided excellent training in conflict resolution, organizational development, and leadership for our staff. She was really flexible and creative, helping us to make impromptu adjustments to the curriculum when topics arose that needed to be addressed. I strongly recommend her!

Tamara Greenfield

Partnerships for Parks

Howard is an amazing bundle of energy, very bright and one of the most pleasant people you ever will work with. She knows her subjects and works tirelessly to satisfy her clients. I have worked closely with her in the English Speaking Union and guarantee that you can‘t do better than Deborah Howard!

Patricia Schroeder

Board Chair, English Speaking Union (former Member of Congress)

Deborah did a marvelous job helping us start a major new law school project. She was instrumental in helping us analyze the project and identify the resources (both internal and external) that would be needed to move it forward. She did a great job facilitating focus groups of alumnae/i and other lawyers to help us design a program to meet their needs as well as the needs of the law school. She is able to draw upon her knowledge of law school administration and academic institutions as well as her experience in the legal profession and with nonprofit organizations to bring fresh ideas to her clients.

Stuart L. Deutsch

Professor (former Dean), Rutgers School of Law-Newark

[In working with our organization] Deb was extremely helpful and well received. Our staff enjoyed her style her openness, her ability to identify the Ëœheart” of an issue and focus attention and discussion on what really mattered. I was particularly impressed with her methodical preparation before the workshops and her comprehensive reports and analysis after the workshops. After just a few hours with key constituents, Deb came to a broad understanding of how our organization operated, what the significant issues were, who the vital players were and consequently she was able to lead our meetings with a certain amount of authority. The team felt confident that she was familiar enough with the Academy to coach us in our transition.

Wendy Caruso

Director of Human Resources, New York Academy of Sciences

Deborah Howard‘s creativity, sensitivity to institutional culture, enthusiasm, and vast experience in program development and implementation combine to make her an invaluable asset to the organizational change process. We benefited greatly from her assistance.

Laura Cohen

Clinical Law Professor, Rutgers Law School-Newark