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Deb Howard served as a coach and mentor for me for a year. She made a huge impact in my life! She helped me see events and experiences in my life in a different and more balanced way. She taught me what was in my control to change and what was not which guided me to a healthier outlook on life. She helped me realize the difference between positive and negative energy and how to employ the positive energy for a better outcome. I looked forward to the time I spent with Deb and continue to check in with her as my friend and mentor. I can highly recommend Deb to any individual who wants a great coach who will make a very big and positive impact on their lives!


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Transformative Coaching

What is Transformative Leadership Coaching?

I coach leaders to live and work in alignment with their purpose and values.  I offer a variety of packages including the Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessments and the Immunity to Change Coaching Method developed by Dr. Lisa Lahey and Dr. Robert Kegan all designed to enable leaders to overcome challenges, manage change and bring out the best in themselves and others.

What is Transformative Coaching?

When you face a significant life transition, are considering next steps, or feeling unfulfilled, it can be challenging to know what steps to take. I offer coaching packages that access your inner wisdom, help you make the changes you want and reach your full potential.

The figure below illustrates the transformative coaching process: