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All of us have at some time experienced a major change in our lives that leaves us feeling off-balance and scared. Each of these experiences presents us with an opportunity for positive transformational change. As with all experiences, how we perceive and respond to them has an enormous impact on the eventual outcome. It can determine whether we will be left feeling dis-lodged and unmoored or centered, renewed, enlightened, and empowered. Positive transformational change is only possible when we are open to learning and growing. And, when you think about it, that is what real living is all about. It is an ongoing journey of experience that provides us with opportunities to grow and develop and continue to find meaning and significance in our life. Seeing change as an opportunity allows us to remain open and allow it to take us to a new place. It enables us to see change as a process that is creating the space for seeds of new learning to grow and flourish. It means taking the time and space to:

  • reframe the experience as an opportunity instead of a threat;
  • sit in the ambiguity instead of trying to force the change;
  • be, not do;
  • be mindful of physical sensations;
  • be present;
  • understand the connections;
  • allow time for the process and let go;
  • find balance and support; and
  • reflect on the meaning and significance of the experience for us.

I had an experience recently that illustrates what can happen if you are able to see change as an opportunity for learning, growth, and development. Read about Reframing the Experience in Part 2 of the Change, Transition, and Transformation Series.