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I have always been drawn to beaches. Not so that I can lie down in the sun, but so that I can take in the sight and sound of the waves. Watching the waves come in and rollback out, and feeling the soothing regularity of their rhythm, is entrancing. I instantly find myself in a calm, meditative state when I hear that sound.

Watching the ocean, like watching a sunrise, reminds me of the importance of learning to just be. Waves and sunrises and other natural beauties just are. The ocean waves are like the heartbeats of the earth – their motion is constant. They unconsciously remind us that we are part of something larger – part of a natural rhythm that needs no effort on our part to continue. By getting in touch with that rhythm, we are better able to get in touch with ourselves.

Maybe hearing the rhythm of the waves is reminiscent of hearing the beat of our mothers’ hearts when we were in their wombs. Maybe hearing the rhythm of the waves helps us remember that our hearts will continue to beat and we will continue to breath without having to accomplish anything to deserve the right exist. Maybe watching the waves reminds us that the Universe provides us with miracles of beauty everyday.