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Our clients include organizations such as

  • HealthPlus
  • Hebrew Union College
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • New York Academy of Sciences
  • Sullivan & Cromwell
  • New York-Presbyterian Hospital

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Deb Howard served as a coach and mentor for me for a year. She made a huge impact in my life! She helped me see events and experiences in my life in a different and more balanced way. She taught me what was in my control to change and what was not which guided me to a healthier outlook on life. She helped me realize the difference between positive and negative energy and how to employ the positive energy for a better outcome. I looked forward to the time I spent with Deb and continue to check in with her as my friend and mentor. I can highly recommend Deb to any individual who wants a great coach who will make a very big and positive impact on their lives!


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Transformative Coaching Packages

If this is you, consider Leadership Coaching for Women

“I’m the Executive Director of my organization. I feel responsible for everything and everyone – there is always more work to do. I end up putting in extremely long hours, and my responsibilities at home are piling up. I need to find some work/life balance.”

“I’m a senior leader in my organization. I feel isolated and alone. I need someone I can trust to bounce ideas off of.”

If this is you, consider Executive Leadership Coaching

“I want to be able to lead in a way that maximizes my performance and that of my organization”

“It’s lonely at the top, I need someone to challenge me and support my growth.”

If this is you, consider Coaching Through Transition

“I want a career change but have no idea what to do next.”

“I’m doing work I don’t find fulfilling, and I know I have more to offer, but I don’t know what step to take next. I want to reach my true potential and find satisfaction in my work!”

“I feel stuck where I am but have no idea what direction I want to move toward.”

“I’m not passionate about my job, I feel drained, and my joy is gone.”

If this is you, consider Claiming My Power Coaching

“I’m ready to take the plunge and truly commit to becoming all of who I am meant to be!”

“I want to feel more confident and powerful.”

“I want to be able to stand up and speak my truth.”

“I want to step into my power and wisdom.”

If this is you, consider Life After Law

“I’m an attorney experiencing fatigue and burnout, and I would like to find joy in my career. Also, I need to reclaim a work-life balance! I spend so much time at work I feel guilty about the lack of time I spend with my family.”