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If this is you, consider Becoming All of Who You Are Coaching:
“I’m ready to take the plunge into transformation and truly commit to becoming all of who I am meant to be!””I recently got divorced, and I’m ready to move forward and find the happiness I know I want.”

“I am thinking about retiring but have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life. I want to live into my full potential.”

“I’m not passionate about my job, I feel drained, and my joy is gone.”

This package delves into all areas of the transformative process so you can:

Gain a clear understanding of and live in alignment with your Life Purpose

Develop clarity about your goals and direction

Learn how to achieve the results you want

Break through limiting beliefs

Access your inner wisdom and creativity

Feel empowered and confident

Know yourself better and find your true joy!

Learn how to maintain your well-being, passion and excitement

If this is you, consider Professional Success Coaching:
“I want a career change but have no idea what to do next.””I’m doing work I don’t find fulfilling, and I know I have more to offer, but I don’t know what step to take next. I want to reach my true potential and find satisfaction in my work!”

This package will delve into you who are and what you want to help you create an authentic plan for you that aligns with your true goals and Life Purpose. It will enable you to:

Identify and live in alignment with your Life Purpose

Develop a clear future vision

Discover the work that is in alignment with who you are

Learn how to achieve the results you want while maintaining a sense of well-being

Break through limiting beliefs

Access your creativity and innovation

Feel empowered and confident

How It Works

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Our clients include organizations such as:

  • New York Presbyterian Hospital
  • Clinton Foundation
  • KPMG
  • Catalent Pharma Solutions
  • HealthPlus
  • Ernst & Young
  • Yeshiva University

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“Deb Howard served as a coach and mentor for me for a year. She made a huge impact in my life! She helped me see events and experiences in my life in a different and more balanced way. She taught me what was in my control to change and what was not which guided me to a healthier outlook on life. She helped me realize the difference between positive and negative energy and how to employ the positive energy for a better outcome. I looked forward to the time I spent with Deb and continue to check in with her as my friend and mentor. I can highly recommend Deb to any individual who wants a great coach who will make a very big and positive impact on their lives!”
Billie, Partner in a Professional Services Firm
This step involves helping you identify and clarify your goals by creating a baseline to assess your progress and create concrete ways to measure success.
Your Life Purpose is a navigational tool that guides decision-making, enables prioritization, ignites passion and energy, leads to feeling empowered and resourceful, enables facing challenges effectively, and helps you tap into your creativity, and ultimately your potential.
In this step, you develop action steps for you to take in between each meeting, including both “to do’s” and “to be’s.”
We will bring to the surface, identify and reflect on patterns of thought and action. Through this, we can identify your unique paths to success while breaking through your limiting beliefs and “should’s” We then work together to cull the learning, enabling you to learn to fish (or accomplish your desired goals).
At the end of our time together, you will have achieved break-throughs, increased your self knowledge, self-awareness and wisdom, enhanced your creativity and inspiration, and become empowered to achieve your desired goals.