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In various spiritual practices, the world as we experience it with our senses is considered an illusion. It is not reality.  Reality is the internal place at the core of our being  the place our inner wisdom, inner calm and sense of well being reside; the place that contains the essence of our energetic life force. Even though I believe this to be true, it’s still so easy to forget the power of what lies within and get caught up in the external world.

How often do you strive to do things in the outer world to bring you happiness, fulfillment and contentment? Do you strive to make more money so you’ll feel secure?  Do you strive to achieve more things so you’ll feel more confident? Do you strive to find a soul mate so you will feel more loved?

What I have found both in my own life and in my coaching practice, is that true happiness and contentment comes from inside.  When I focus internally, letting go of what happens in the outer world, I feel happier, energized, and more fulfilled, content and creative. And, amazingly, the changes I wish for in the outer world begin to materialize.

When was the last time you took the time, for even a moment, to go inside yourself to access the inner calm and peace that waits for you there?  When was the last time you turned inside to your own inner wisdom to help you make an important decision?

Starting next week, you’ll have an easy way to do this.  I am launching a Moment of Reflection Series that will encourage and help you to stop whatever you’re doing, for just a moment, and give yourself the gift of going inside to access peace and wisdom.

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