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I live a privileged life. The privilege I am most advantaged by during this COVID19 Crisis is my economic status (which of course, is in part a result of my race, educational background, etc.). I am able, therefore, to “shelter at home” without being in immediate economic distress. I have a safety net. Many do not.

I’ve been thinking about how I can use this privilege to help others who do not have a safety net. I realized that my privilege has made it possible for me to afford the services of many individuals who may now be unable to provide those services to any of their clients. They have no safety net so they face severe economic hardship. I benefit from the services of individuals such as a masseuse, a personal trainer, the person who cares for my dog when I am out of town, a chiropractor, and actors in the plays I attend, etc.

I have decided to find other ways to compensate them. For example, I can pay them for the services I would otherwise have used; find a way to safely utilize their services (e.g., work outside with my trainer keeping the required social distance, have my dog sitter take care of my dog even if I’m not out of town); get take-out from my favorite restaurant; double the tip for anyone who makes deliveries to me; and make donations to relevant organizations (e.g., broadwaycares.org). 

Who provides services to you who is now unable to make a living? What are some creative ways you can help provide them with a safety net?