What Is Organizational Transformation?

Organizational transformation is consulting work that is tailored to the specific needs and goals of your organization using client-oriented research and data collection to create customized solutions.

Organizational Transformation can help you:

  • Develop a clear mission, vision and goals
  • Create strategies to take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges
  • Develop organization-wide understanding of and commitment to your mission and vision
  • Ensure your organizational structures, policies and procedures are in alignment with your mission, vision and goals
  • Enhance effectiveness and productivity
  • Develop environments in which departments work together effectively and synergistically
  • Enhance communication and decision-making mechanisms
  • Enable your departments to work collaboratively
  • Effectively undergo change and transition
  • Release the creativity of all your employees

Organizational Transformation Services

Strategic Planning and Change Management
In my strategic planning work, I enable organizational stakeholders to develop shared understanding and agreement. This consensus provides the foundation for setting organizational priorities, making decisions, and effectively developing and implementing a strategic plan.

I facilitate participation in and ownership of the process by all whose commitment will be needed to implement whatever plans are developed as a result. I work, therefore, to ensure that the process is collaborative, participatory, and inclusive of a wide variety of perspectives. This not only builds an informed and shared understanding of the current state of the organization, but also raises any difficult issues that need to be addressed for the organization to move forward.

Training and Professional Development
Trainings may include conflict management, leadership development, cultural competence, diversity, communication, managing up, work-life balance, leadership transition, and harassment and discrimination prevention.

I partner with my clients to help them achieve their goals by developing trainings tailored to their specific objectives, needs and constraints. I work jointly with my clients to determine ahead of time the activities and interventions that will effectively serve to meet their desired outcomes. Then, all learning modules I design provide skill- training as well as experiential learning opportunities that enable participants to process and apply the skills they are learning to real-life scenarios and situations.

I tailor my work for each client. In designing and planning a training, therefore, I gather data in advance from the individuals who will be participating so as to gain an understanding of their respective needs and concerns and design the training accordingly.

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Our clients include organizations such as:

  • HealthPlus
  • Hebrew Union College
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • New York Academy of Sciences
  • Sullivan & Cromwell
  • New York-Presbyterian Hospital

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“Deborah Howard is an amazing bundle of energy, very bright and one of the most pleasant people you ever will work with. She knows her subjects and works tirelessly to satisfy her clients. I have worked closely with her in the English Speaking Union and guarantee that you can’t do better than Deborah Howard!”
Patricia Schroeder, Board Chair, English Speaking Union (former Member of Congress)

"[In working with our organization] Deb was extremely helpful and well received. Our staff enjoyed her style her openness, her ability to identify the ‘heart’ of an issue and focus attention and discussion on what really mattered. I was particularly impressed with her methodical preparation before the workshops and her comprehensive reports and analysis after the workshops. After just a few hours with key constituents, Deb came to a broad understanding of how our organization operated, what the significant issues were, who the vital players were and consequently she was able to lead our meetings with a certain amount of authority. The team felt confident that she was familiar enough with the Academy to coach us in our transition.”
Wendy Caruso, Director of Human Resources, New York Academy of Sciences

"Deborah Howard provided organizational consultation for our company during a major leadership transition. She facilitated key insights into difficult organizational log jams and allowed underlying strength to emerge. Her style is engaging, dynamic and collaborative. Her personality, agility and follow through greatly enhanced our life together. Our team work, cohesion and overall direction has enhanced our communication process in many ways. I strongly recommend Deborah Howard.”
Gary Hellman, Executive Director, Psychotherapy and Spirituality institute